Tuesday, September 27, 2011

InTheCellar - Down Under With Aussie Wines!

With a "New World" winemaking tradition that mirrors the United States, Australia produces unique wines at great value prices from Shiraz & Cabernet to Chardonnay, Riesling and more... join us for ten minutes of education and fun tasting Marquee Australian Wines with wine expert Christopher Cribb and Bonnie Rabicoff - Host & Food Expert of In the Kitchen With Bonnie!

In our fourth episode of In the Cellar, we move to the Southern Hemisphere and explore two Aussie wines from Marquee that have won outstanding international acclaim and showcase the bright tropical fruit, minimal intervention winemaking and artisan care that are the hallmarks to the Marquee portfolio. The first wine is a Riesling from the high county in the province of Victoria. The Marquee Classic Riesling is off-dry in style with just a slight hint of sweetness that is kept in balance with strong acids and a lovely lime / lemon zest character. Versatile and adept for wine pairings this wine can go with seafood, Asian cuisine, light salads or even on its own as a meal starter!

For the second wine we revert to the grape/style that has allowed Australia put its name back on the international wine scene in the last twenty-five years, Shiraz (yes the same grape as Syrah, but the stubborn Aussies have stuck to changing that trend). The Marquee Signature McLaren Vale Shiraz is a rock star wine, that has very smooth tanning, a rich, full bodied character and tons of flavor (raspberry, dark cherry, mocha, toffee and more...)! Shiraz is the most widely planted grape in all of Australia and this single vineyard wine showcases why so many vineyards are devoted to Shiraz production! 91 Points from Wine Spectator Magazine along with a list of other awards and accolades allows our confident assertion that this wine may only cost $20.00 but it tastes like $50.00!

Marquee Selections has partnered up with the award-winning chef focused program "In The Kitchen with Bonnie" to produce an exciting new wine segment entitled "In the Cellar" with Marquee Selections . During each episode we will unravel the wine world one grape at a time! Each week we invite you to join us for an engaging conversation for our food and wine lovers to see why wine has been a worldwide tradition for centuries and how learning more about it can help bring the stories and flavors to life. Learn more about exciting regions, new wine types, varietals, how to pair wines with food, decanting, proper serving temperature, what wine goes best with pizza and more! A great 10 minute break from your day to learn and "wet" your taste buds for more"!

Please enjoy this web-episode of In the Cellar with Marquee and additional details are available below for more information on Marquee Selections! I am a bit new to the HD Camera, so please bear with me as I get my sea legs as an action reporter ( with today's technology you can find the grey hairs if you look) :) and thank you so much for tuning in and supporting Marquee Selections!

Check back next week as we move around the map and explore new wines!


Christopher J. Cribb, CSW

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