Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Marquee Bites and Delights – December 2008 – Ring in the Holiday’s!

The holiday jingle bells are ringing, Christmas music has hit the airwaves and Marquee is putting little Santa hat’s on our wine bottle’s to dress them up for the holiday’s… well, not really, but we are hard at work like little elves this time of year. For 2008 Marquee decided to make gift giving a little easier by pairing up some useful and exciting small gift items with our wine to make the perfect holiday baskets.

Click here Marquee Holiday Program 2008 to check out our gift basket selection that includes you customizing the wine selections and sending your own greeting / thank you card along with the gift baskets.

Let me give you a quick sample of the outstanding values we have with the gift basket program; our “All American Basket” includes one bottle each of the 2006 Classy Sauvignon Blanc and 2006 Classy Zinfandel paired up with one of the best BBQ sauces on the planet, the Haywards Pit BBQ sauce and Hayward’s own special blend of spices. The Zinfandel should pair very nicely with a set of Smoked BBQ ribs and the best part is the mouth-watering package price, only $39.95!

My two holiday tips for the month…

1) Plan for everything to take twice as long as you think it will and you should be sitting pretty! This time of year things tend to slow down a bit more than everyone expects, if you start off by planning for things to take longer than you think you will be pleasantly surprised when you finish early. What does this do with wine, nothing specifically, I just think it’s a good tip for this time of year!

2) BOTTLE EXCHANGE - If you want a fun activity for a holiday party, think about doing a gift bottle exchange. It can either be a challenge to find the best wine under a price point (say $15.00) and have all of the participants bring a bottle to the exchange (wrapped of course), or you can do it as a traditional “white elephant” exchange where everyone is challenged to bring a white elephant bottle / gift that is “just for fun”. I love both ideas because they allow for a bit of inexpensive fun for a holiday party and let everyone take home something unique that they otherwise would never have seen / tasted.

Marquee thanks our partners participating in the 2008 Holiday gift program, Hayward’s BBQ, The Roasterie Coffee, Indigo Wild and is proud to say we can ship to almost any (some states are still behind on this) US location with these gift baskets and are happy to customize them for you.

Please contact Marquee Cellar Master Craig Skopec if you want any additional information on the Holiday Program at cjcskopec@marquee.com and have a safe and happy holiday season!


Christopher J. Cribb, CSW

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