Monday, February 6, 2012

InTheCellar - Pairing Wines with Hearty Winter Comfort Foods

InTheCellar - Pairing Wines with Hearth Winter Comfort Foods!

With a fire roaring in the hearth, a bubbling stew on the stove or some homemade Mac & Cheese in the oven, what wines are you going to be reaching for? Join Marquee Selections and Bonnie Rabicoff as we go In the Cellar to find the best pairings for hearty winter fare and our favorite comfort foods and a few tips on cooking with wine!

We wanted to get your mouth watering during this episode so let's off the Blog with a great recipe from our friends over at The Food Network, a cookbook we love - The Barefoot Contessa sharing - Lobster Mac and Cheese with one of our favorites "Gruyere"!

In our lucky thirteenth episode of In the Cellar, the first wine we review is the versatile 2010 Capa Rota Macabeo from Yecla, Spain. Macabeo is a grape type (varietal) indigenous to Spain that falls in the flavor spectrum on the light to medium side between a Pinot Grigio and a lightly oaked Chardonnay. For good service, you want to make sure the wine is chilled down to show off its tropical notes and we paired this wine up today with your traditional homemade Cheddar Mac & Cheese (maybe even a little bacon in with it)!

The second wine we focus on in this episode is the 2008 Quattro Leoni Barbera D'Asti from Castello Di Gabiano in Piedmont, Italy. With root vegetables making the winter fare list we choose the Barbera to show off this delicious red varietals versatility in pairing as something that could go with a rich OssoBucco with a parsnip puree or even be a hit alongside your traditional red beef chili! Barbera is the 2nd most grown grape in all of Italy & Castello Di Gabiano last year was awarded the prestigious "Best Barbera" medal at VinItaly and focus its red wines on this signature grape. If you happen to be in the northern Italian wine county we highly suggest you stop by this picturesque vineyard and property that was originally growing grapes in 1108 AD!

In the Kitchen and Marquee sends out a special thank you to our friends at The American Restaurant for participating in this exciting series of shows! As always it is a treat to work with a crown jewel and institution for Kansas City and Hallmark!

For more information about using tools like the VacuVin Wine Preservation system to take the oxygen away from your wine for wine storage materials at your local retailer and here as an education resource Vacuum Wine Preservation Products.

Marquee Selections has partnered up with the award-winning chef focused program " In The Kitchen with Bonnie" ( to produce an exciting new wine segment entitled "In the Cellar" with Marquee Selections . During each episode we will unravel the wine world one grape at a time! Each week we invite you to join us for an engaging conversation for our food and wine lovers to see why wine has been a worldwide tradition for centuries and how learning more about it can help bring the stories and flavors to life. Learn more about exciting regions, new wine types, varietals, how to pair wines with food, decanting, proper serving temperature, what wine goes best with pizza and more! A great 10 minute break from your day to learn and "wet" your taste buds for more"!

Please enjoy this web-episode of In the Cellar with Marquee and additional details are available below for more information on Marquee Selections! I am a bit new to the HD Camera, so please bear with me as I get my sea legs as an action reporter ( with today's technology you can find the grey hairs if you look) :) and thank you so much for tuning in and supporting Marquee Selections!